1. some tests i did with some #ddo. pretty simple but nice to see how the tool works. need to make the low poly and then its go time on serious ddo work!

  2. Some random gun stuff and a start to the zbrush work on the interiors. almost done with this highpoly madness then lowpoly and texture work!

  3. Details are starting to come together :) heres a higher res for anyone who cant stand to compression http://s25.postimg.org/w7fq66my7/014.jpg

  4. Some of the luggage has started to get hashed out.

  5. progress on the back section. also showing some of the details on the door inside. more to come.

  6. Still a bunch more details to add but its starting to shape up! :) super excited to get past the low poly stuff and onto the texturing!

    Remember If you haven’t please follow my stream as Mon-Fri i stream 8:30AM PST for about 4 hours my work on this.


  7. Friday update. Details for days. Must keep going…

  9. More progress on the body. starting to get some of the smaller details on there.

  10. just some progress on my wagon i started working on a week or so ago.

  11. Learning substance designer 4. not as exciting but defiantly something every artist should have in the texture library. Rust

  12. Learning substance designer 4. started building my library of materials that ill be able to reuse. Here we have leather all derived from a single non tile-able diffuse at the far left of the node network.

  13. I’ve officially accepted a position on the environment art team over in Malmö Sweden. Start date is Jan 7th. Just waiting on the work visas to pass. Exciting time for both my Girlfriend and I! :)

  14. Some screens that have been posted around the internet on my current project thats coming to a finish. Turn 10 a great studio and a strong team to work with. Very proud of all the things we have accomplished together.

  15. More experimenting with Zbrush and hard surface sculpting. Done 100% in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot